Terms and conditions

Prices for Temporal Rents only:

The advertised prices are final unless it is specified in the contract. These include expenses, County taxes, gas, electricity, Internet (when specified), Cable TV, Maid service once a week. When phone service is included, basic phone line (Control) should be considered.

Administrative Fees

The administrative fee is U$S 40.00 per contract, regardless its duration. If you would make different contracts for the same or different apartments, U$S 40.00 for each contract would be charged.


The deposit amount may vary depending of the rental duration. 
Weekly deposit: 1 week
Monthly deposit (for 1 month): 2 weeks
Monthly deposit (for more than 1 month): 1 month
The deposit will be totally reintegrated the last day of the stay, when the keys are returned and the apartment has been checked.
Should something is broken or missing, its cost would be discounted from the deposit. Should the deposit would not be enough, the tenant takes responsibility of paying the difference.
The tenants must return the apartment clean and tidy as received it. Should the apartment is not received tidy and clean, the landlord could discount the cleaning hours from the deposit. The fact the weekly maid service is included in the cost, do not dismiss the tenant responsibility of leaving the apartment is the same condition as received.


To make a reservation, the reservation form should be filled up and 30% of the stay should be paid in one of the following payment methods:
a) Cash in our offices
b) Western Union
c) Pay Pal (Only from USA accounts) + 3% processing fees.

* Please consider that if option (b) is taken there will be shipment fees that will be paid by the applicant.

The reservation should be realized by people over 21 years old.
The remaining 70 % would be paid at the check in.
Take in consideration that reservations will be kept for a period of time. This means that if the you arrive later than the date the reservation was made, you will have to pay the total period as well as if you have to leave earlier.

* PayPal can only be used for reservation payment. Transfer fee will be charged.
** No reservation will be confirmed until 30% down-payment is received.

Canselation conditions:

If cancelation needed, a percentage from the total stay amount will be discounted depending of the time in advance it is made:

  1. More than 30 days in advance: 10 %
  2. From 30 to 8 days in advance: 20%
  3. From 7 to the day before: 40%
  4. Check in date: 50% and administrative fees (U$S 30)

These fees will be discounted from the reservation. Any reminder you may have will be sent by Western Union and the shipping costs will be discounted from it. In case the reservation is not enough to cover the cancellation fee, you may transfer the difference.
In longer rental periods, the amounts mentioned below will never be more than a whole month rent amount.

Early and late check IN/OUT:

One of our agents will be waiting for you at the apartment the day you check in to give the apartment keys and sign the renting contract. The remaining 70% of the total stay and the deposit will be paid there as well. This service is completely free from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day. If your arrival is out of these hours, you may let us know in advance to make the proper arranges and this service has a cost of U$S 20.

Check IN/ Check OUT

Check in: 2 p.m.
Check out: 10 a.m.
Should you arrive before 2 p.m. and the apartment is empty, you will be invited to check in at no charge. Although, if the apartment is occupied, you will have to wait until check in time. If you want to guarantee you will be able to check in before 2 p.m., you will have to make the reservation with for the night before.
As well as you may stay later than 10 a.m. and the apartment is empty, you are invited to stay at no charge but if the property has a reservation for that day the tenant will have to check out at 10 a.m.. If you want to guarantee you can stay later than 10 a.m., you will have to make a reservation for an extra night.

Rental periods and extensions

The apartments advertized in our web site have a minimum reservation of a week and a maximum reservation of 6 months according to the current law. Temporal rent are not to be extended. So, if the tenant wishes to stay longer may have to contact Zen Group to process a new contract. A Group Zen agent will be happy to help you unless the apartment already has a reservation.


Rental payments are not reimbursable. If you need to shortened your stay, the remaining days payment will not be reimbursed. 
In temporal rents that last various months, where two to three month are paid in advance, if the tenant wants to end the contract before the ending date, the landlord will keep the deposit.

Property admission and stay:

To be admitted in the property, the tenant will have to disclose personal details as names, ID numbers and ages of the members that will stay at the apartment. More people than the indicated in the maximum capacity is prohibit, otherwise, all the members will be invited to leave the apartment. It is important that all the guests respect the rules and regulations related to pets, noises, and cohabitation. If any of the rules is broken, the guests will be invited to leave the property.

Advertised pictures:

Although Zen Group's picture purpose is to be stick to the apartment reality, it is not responsible for decoration changes the landlord may have done.

We do not advertised properties in our website that have not been visited and potographed by our team; and we ask the landords to let us know of any change they may do on the property to update the information and pictures in our website.

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